DPF Cleaner Machine for regeneration of DPF FAP particulate filters

Purchasing a tool DPF MASTER FLASH for DPF / FAP regeneration is a great idea for business. Dedicated to car services and other automotive entities. The servicing site earns money from the regeneration, assembly, disassembly and adaptation of the DPF / FAP filter.


PLAY-PARTNER based in Poland is the exclusive and the only one distributor of the Polish DPF MASTER FLASH machine worldwide. Our team of engineers has created an innovative item, that guarantees complete removal of PM10, cerium and oil leftovers without damaging the filter, while restoring up to 99% of the exhaust gas throughput.

The machine DPF MASTER FLASH is a PREMIUM class solution for the regeneration / cleaning of all types of DPF / FAP particulate filters and catalysts.

DPF MASTER FLASH is manufactured in Poland with the highest quality components that guarantee reliability.


The regeneration time depends on the type of filter and the level of contamination, between 40 minutes to 2 hours. After regeneration the filters reach exhaust flow values close to the brand new ones (99%).

Regeneration takes place using the hydrodynamic method. The filter is subject to regeneration under pressure in a closed compartment.

The pressure value reaches 8 bars and is chosen to effectively remove solid particles, but also not to cause the damage to the ceramic filter element.

The working temperature of the liquid circulation reaches 80 degrees C, in the circulation there is a high concentration of the biodegradable factor, responsible for the removal of:
  • PM 10 particles
  • PM 2,5 particles
  • oil leftover
  • cerium oxide
  • ash
  • soot
  • other impurities


Especially for car services we offer promotional prices. Ask the question about the price via email.

A set of devices
  • automatic and semi-automatic control
  • pneumatic filter mounting mechanism
  • adapters suitable to work with various filters
  • a set of replacement filters
  • biodegradable factor
Additional equipment:
  • measuring stand with a thermal printer
  • touch screen control
  • HD tube
  • a set of replacement filters
  • biodegradable factor


If you are interested in the offer, please contact us by email in Polish or English.


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mail: office@dpfmasterflash.com

If you are interested in the offer,
please contact us by email in Polish or English.

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